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The compositions and arrangements of Matthew Birkett

Обо мне

Welcome to MEB Music, the retailers of compositions and arrangements by Matthew Birkett.

Matthew's varied works include original short items and major works, in addition to arrangements of classical music and traditional melodies. They are suitable for a wide range or talents and abilities, but all are hopefully enjoyable.

M - E - B, as well as being the composer's initials, stands for "Music, Enjoyment, Brass", which pretty much sums up the philosophy. Matthew is passionate about grassroots banding, and feels that much pleasure can be derived from the medium, for players and audiences alike.

Presently, all music is only available as a download- it keeps costs down. The downside is that you have to print it yourself! Matthew feels that the exhorbitant fees charged for some music for an amateur medium is off putting, and deters bands from investing in new music. All of the listings on this site are affordable and (hopefully) entertaining.

Please browse at leisure, and get in contact if any assistance is required.

Thank you.


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